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About Siddharth Hans:-

HYPERION CHEMICALS LLC, newly establish specialy chemical company started its opration in Dubai UAE in the month of febraury 2015. His education is from Delhi University and currently he is self-employed. He is having experience of 12 years from January 2004 – Present (12 years 4 months) till 2016.

United Arab Emirates

Management Consulting

Current :- Self-employed

Education:- Delhi University

About Siddharth Hans Business Of Hyperion:-

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Project Management

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Chairman message

I would like to thank our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, for their dedication and support. We are committed to improving the efficiencies in our operations and differentiating ourselves in the market-place through customer focussed innovation in product and services, so as to build a stronger and sustainable future for our Company and our associates.